About Us

Over three decades, many health-oriented individuals have organized cultural groups in order to promote vegetarianism in Iran.
The main purpose of these activities are to educate and enlighten individuals and our society to a deeper level of understanding and the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, that has a great impact on our overall health and environment.

" Iran Vegetarian Society " is a non profit organization which was established since year 2000 by the effort of Messrs. Gheisari Araghi , Golbidi and Ms. R. Ghanad Asadollahi (Ghesari Araghi) & Ms.E.Farmani.

The chairman of this organization is Mr. H. Ghesari Araghi.
Currently, this organization benefits from highly-educational programs such as book publishing, health and nutrition seminars, professional consultations, cooking classes, restaurant and supermarket setups.
We also have health promoting vegan / vegetarian supermarkets and restaurants available to our society.

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