Cooking School

The Iran vegetarian society presents a verity of classes according to a compiled educational programming in response to those who are interested in learning the art of vegetarian & vegan cooking. The novices could be trained preparing a variety of full healthy, nutritious, delicious, inexpensive, simple and quick recipes, within a scientific training program from basic levels to advanced degrees. By attending these courses, the trainees can learn how to upgrade their knowledge of vegetarian / vegan cooking through a correct and appropriate teaching by combining vegetables, beans, grains, dairy and spices in particular. Recipes of spice compounds and various masalas is one of the most important key roles for professional cooking scales.

This organization has compiled, translated and published various vegan/vegetarian cooking and nutrition books throughout years, it has Also been preparing the miscellaneous training films and performing some TV programs on the vegetarian cooking through national media by Mrs. Rosa Gheisari who has been honored with rewards, all have been activities which were accomplished by the afore-mentioned society concerning the vegetarian cooking training. The art of culinary cooking classes are presented under the supervision of Mr. Bozorgmehr Golbidi who has become vegetarian since 1984 and has established and managed some vegetarian restaurants in Tehran since 1990 up to now.

Mr. Golbidi's creative cooking scales are known for great taste, he has taught various vegan/vegetarian cooking classes and has established teaching these classes through his initiative and enthusiasm since 1996. He has compiled, translated and published some different books and booklets on vegetarianism and vegetarian cooking since 1993. The cooking and training courses are also being presented by Mrs. Fariba Ghasemi who has been teaching the art of vegetarian cooking both in Iran and abroad.She is known as one of the experienced and leading teachers of vegetarian cooking in Iran, her artist hands in creating attractive and delicious recipes has amazed every one.

These classes have already been held up in some cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Ahvaz and Kish Island which their compiled program is presented as follows:


•The quorum for holding up the classes.
• Attending theses professional classes requires passing three general cooking courses.
• These classes could be effective for those who are interested in crossing countries.
• An official valid certificate will be granted to the competent trainees on behalf of society at the end of training course.

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