Ananda restaurant

Ananda vegetarian restaurant and coffee shop has been working since 2006. This restaurant includes two parts, a closed area and a verdant, lush court yard with some awnings which makes it specially enjoyable on rainy and cold days, drinking coffee and eating delicious meals out door under a heated covered roof will make it a memorable dining experience. The restaurant menu supports four main groups of vegetarians to choose from. The coffee shop is also ready to entertain you and your dear guests by a various selection of natural hot and cold beverages and a verity of unique herbal teas along with serving household cakes and confections.


Iranian artist forum

Iranian artist forum restaurant and coffee shop is located in the middle of a beautiful garden in the "Iranian artist's house "which resides the most important artistic and cultural center of the country. This restaurant welcomes all guests by preparing various vegetarian/ vegan foods with high nutritional values, unique taste and qualities. Having the advantage of our well experienced staff preparing and using the correct and appropriate combination of grains, beans, vegetables, dairy and spices for our delicious and nutritious menu makes this restaurant a pleasant experience for all. This restaurant is divided into two Sections a dining hall and a beautiful veranda overlooking the garden in the Iranian artists' house, which makes it even more special and memorable.


Banyan tree restaurant, coffee shop and fast food

Banyan tree restaurant, coffee shop and fast food was established in the year 2012 according to the process of proper nutrition and dietary diversity with international standards in order to improve individual and social health. All foods, desserts and beverages are produced considering health standards, using only natural sweeteners and whole grain products such as: brown sugar, rice, bread and pasta. We aim to give more options to our consumers by choosing a healthier diet and nutrition plan for the first time in our society, we provide " non-fried " , " non-frozen " , "non preservative and no canned foods in our extensive freshly produced menu.


Govinda delicatessen and coffee shop

Govinda delicatessen and coffeeshop is trying its best to prepare whole facilities for the healthy nutrition enthusiasts. You can purchase a variety of products after receiving information needed regarding a healthier and more nutritious food choices through our experienced staff members. List of a few things in our store would be: different types of spices, Dahl, flours, herbal teas, unique and natural products such as incense, natural olive oil, natural honey, molasses, Kord cheese, Tofu cheese, soya, Kinowa, and the various meat substitutes like Mamsan, Chenje Kebab, frankfurter, sausage, burger and vegetable cutlets. All products are prepared from the best raw materials and packaged with full hygienic standards. The coffee shop is ready to entertain you and your guests with different types of hot & cold beverages, desserts and vegetarian dishes on the second floor of this store.


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