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  • What is vegetarianism and veganism?

Vegetarianism is abstaining from the consumption of meat, not other products like egg or dairy, however veganism is abstaining from the use of all animal products.

  • What are the main reasons for becoming a vegetarian?

People tend to become vegetarian for different reasons like prevention of animal suffering, eliminating unhealthful foods from their diets, and reducing their contribution to climate change.

  • How do I become a vegetarian?

Becoming a vegetarian may seem to be a hard choice, but it’s not. We’re by your side from the beginning until you become a full vegetarian or vegan. We have lots of useful contents such as books, articles, podcasts, etc. for you. You can browse our web site to access lots of information.

  • How hard is it really to become a vegetarian?

Not as hard as expected. There are lots of fantastic vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.

  • How do I get sufficient protein? 

Getting protein from vegetarian diet is not so hard, however it’s also easy to come up short if you aren’t paying attention. There are plenty of delicious vegetarian foods that are rich in protein including foods like beans, nuts, and tofu.

  • How do I get sufficient vitamin B, especially B12?

The best way for a vegetarian to get vitamin B is eating foods fortified with B12, cereals, plant-based milks, some soy products, some nutritional yeast, and B12 supplements.

  • Is a vegetarian diet expensive? 

Generally, a vegetarian diet is less expensive (and much healthier) than a cheap omnivorous diet.

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