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An inspiring book making people aware of their nature and reasons why they should adhere to the habit of healthy eating and living.Contains a selection of delicious vegetarian Persian recipes, plus scientific Nutrition facts.

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By many research and effort our authors create and server these wonderful creations to lovable readers. All Supervision By Bozorgmehr Golbidi

  • – Roza Asad Elahi – Qaisari
  • – Neda Khaki,
  • – Houri Moqbeli
  • – Dr. Faramarz Alavi Moghadam
  • – Mana Palizi

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Our Vegetarian Recipes Creations

Curd Cheese

Baqala Polow

Vegetarian Aabghoost (Vegetarian broth)

Sabzee Polow

Khoresh-e Ghormeh Sabzee

Loobia Polow

Khoresh-e Qeimeh

Morassa Polow

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