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  • Vegan and vegetarian cooking and nutrition classes

Iran Vegetarian Society  has come up with a new concept of cooking classes. If you have passion for cooking healthy vegan&vegetarian meals, this is the right place for you.These classes are managed by experts with over two decades of experience. We have trained hundreds of people and restaurant chefs.

Over the years we have gathered a wide selection of vegan/vegetarian Persian and international recipes such as Asian, Indian, Italian, middle eastern and more….

Our goal is to share our healthy and delicious recipes for better health and nutrition. We also offer a variety of soups and salads as well as desserts and hot and cold beverages.

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes

  • The quorum for holding up the classes.
  • Attending theses professional classes requires passing three general cooking courses.
  • These classes could be effective for those who are interested in crossing countries.
  • An official valid certificate will be granted to the competent trainees on behalf of society at the end of training course.

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